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TAIWAN PHOTO 2018 2018 10 4 - 10 7 : galley 176, Osaka, Japan

神戸アートマルシェ2017 9/29 - 10/1
Radi-um von Roentgenwerke AG / KOBE ARTMARCHE 2017 (Kobe)

「the universe of the brain」

「Why do we exist? 」

The World of High Energy Physics / 高エネルギー物理学の世界

Ordinary moment at the special place / 特別な場所の普通の時間

写真集:ビックサイエンス / スタンフォード線形加速器センター
Book : Big Science / Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Publisher / 出版社 : PPrP


吉岡さとるの近作は “ 風景 ” なのか





* オープニングトーク抄録

増田玲(東京国立近代美術館・主任研究員 美術課写真室長) 

"Why do we see a landscape there?"

Rei Masuda (Curator of Photography, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)

Are Satoru Yoshiokaʼs recent works “Landscape photography?” 

Satoru Yoshioka's recent works consist of two distinct series: one with images of facilities of high energy physics research labs/institutions, and the other with images of phenomena occurring inside the brains from the front line of brain research. The former includes images of equipment and machines in the indoor setting, but loosely considered as landscape photography. How, then, about the latter?

As described previously, suppose that landscape and/or landscape photography would vary in correspondence with the changes in our worldview/images, then, Yoshioka's "Sciencescape" is displaying what the photographer has witnessed about changes in the worldview/images at the cutting edge of new sciences, where new knowledge on the world has been produced. Or displaying what he witnessed at the genesis, where the changes take place. As such, one can see his work as a photography of landscape that is changing just right now (or right in front of his eye), or as the generation of a new type of landscape photography.

Although his work represents it indirectly, I'd like to see "Sciencescape" as the very field itself, where the scientific front line has just opened up a new worldview/images.

* "Why do we see a landscape there?"
Rei Masuda (Curator of Photography, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)

菊田樹子 「『何故、我々は存在すのか?』—その答えを解き明かすために生まれた風景」、写真が生まれたその訳を Vol.1、『PHaT PHOTO 2015 / Vol.85』

インデペンデント・キュレーター 菊田樹子

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